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6 Tips of Making Friends in 2020!

Updated: May 12, 2020

For starters, making new friends is hard especially because the beginning stages can make it or break it. Many people want to start friendships but only have patience for a short time to determine whether it will work or not! Friends are not that easy to find nowadays because social media has made the good-ol' person to person meet up hard! The days of writing a personal letter and mailing it off is over! Building something that will last requires intentional investment.

Here are 6 great tips on how to make new friends and how to be open to them!

1) Make sure that you want to actually meet new people! 

2) Create an open-invitation meet up night with new people that you meet! This will require intentional outreach to set up time one-on-one with potentials "Friends".

3) Don't make judgments and accept that we are all HUMANS living the best we can.

4) Be ready to let your guard down as you see fit because trust must be established overtime. 

5) Do not compare and learn to accept the person for who they are because we are not responsible for changing them but to be the CHANGE!

6) Be sure to attend networking events that allow social time to meet new people and join some life groups in your community! Or create one yourself! Use to do this! 

Happy meet ups!

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