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Meet Paula

Author & Creator of Paula O! Store

Author of a motivational poetry book titled: From Me to You  and Co-Author of the #1 International Best Selling book: Experts & Influencers: Women's Empowerment Edition.
I was born in Allentown, Pennsylvania and was raised in South Florida. I earned a Master’s in Business Leadership from Huizenga School of Business at Nova Southeastern University and a Bachelor’s degree in
Organizational Management from Palm Beach Atlantic University. 

I am naturally a people-connection machine. My energy and personality draw people. I have a passion to speak and help people get inspired to make a change that will create a positive and win-win outcome. Motivation is such an important piece when speaking because others get inspired by energy being displayed by the Speaker. Therefore, I have that fun, outgoing, energetic personality that will make a topic come alive. I am an energetic, animated, and outgoing person. My life motto is to be a change agent in everything I do. 

My target audience is for business-minded professionals or anyone wishing to start their own business and need help to overcome mindset beliefs, being organized, and conducting sales through relationship-building. These are the ingredients that I believe people can benefit from to see results. My WHY is to help people overcome destructive patterns regarding thinking habits and daily investment habits.

Some topics that I typically speak on or share about:

  • Everyone has a story to tell, what’s your story – this topic helps others know that their life experiences are meant to be shared to help others and that their story matter as part of this big thing called...LIFE

  • Next step towards your dreams – this topic is to help others to be careful on their thoughts and their daily investments (time, relationships, personal growth, money).

Some projects & features:


Latest book by Paula Orezi, “Using Your Personality To Seal the Deal.

BEST SELLER Book: Co-Author of Experts & Influencers: 

Women's Empowerment Edition (2020)


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