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Loneliness and Social Distancing: How am I coping?

Updated: Nov 26, 2020

In this social distancing era, I have been doing surprisingly well! I say this after a couple of weeks getting use to this new normal. I am a single gal in sunny Florida with the wonderful restrictions of staying home and being an "essential" employee. I work at a mega church and we have been serving the community with basic supplies and emotional support. I spend endless amount of time chatting with others on the phone that need a listening ear and prayer. It can get emotionally overwhelming but it makes me happy to be there for those in need!

In my own personal journey of social distancing, it has been lonely for me since I am a single women in my late 30's with no kids. My TV has been the next best thing! Watching TV shows from 10 years ago with a tub of cookies & cream ice cream is the ultimate satisfaction! Living alone and being isolated with restrictions is a whole layer of complication. With my animated, outgoing, extroverted personality, this has been challenging. Even though my freedom has been cut short for a season, I am redirecting my time to focus on some goals that I would like to accomplish post COVID19. Working from home has helped me to keep that work day focus along with the fact that I have easy access to my pantry! Not having enough TIME was an excuse but now that there is plenty of it, what I can do to spend it wisely without depriving myself?

To make my days bearable during this isolation lifestyle, I do the following:

  • Plan my day with breaks while working from home 

  • Workout by dancing in the evenings after work hours and have a delightful treat

  • Make some Face-time phone calls with Family & Friends and even nice Co-Workers

  • Find a recipe and take a leap of faith to cook it

  • Work on Vision board goals (what is that thing that I always wanted to try and how can I make it happen)

  • Clean out my closet 

  • Unload my emotions by writing in my journal

  • Watch one romantic movie, one documentary, and one thriller

  • Read a novel 

  • Laugh at other memes on social media....laughter is good medicine for the soul

The days of isolation will be over soon but I would like to throw a party with myself once it is over to celebrate the fact that I came out alive and sane during a momentary shutdown from life on earth!

Love Life!

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