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Paula O! Store LLC

Paula Orezi 

"Being a change agent in everything I do is my life motto."

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Paula O! Store is a personal project I am passionate about. We welcome a community of learners who want to explore the world of entrepreneurship and discover life's calling. I hope you enjoy exploring the unique content I offer. Maybe you'll also find what inspires you.

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7 Tips on How To Encourage Your Team's Morale During A Slow Business Season #self-development #business

The World of Opportunities

You had to be there to experience this! I enjoy sightseeing and many other things like trying new food and especially going coffee...

Be You and Build Your Brand!

If you are wondering what it takes to build a brand and live life to the fullest while doing it, then this podcast replay is for YOU!...

A Prayer....

Copyright © Paula O! Store #poetry #motivation #life #poem #today #prayer

Working From Home

Simple tips on how to manage work-life balance in the new normal! I know firsthand what it is like to work from home! I had 3 roles in my...

Living On Empty

by: Paula Orezi It was a day that I will never forget, January 19th 2019, my mother passed away after battling cancer! I sat there...

All Smiles!!

Today, I decided to keep smiling and let the dust settle where they may! I have one life to live and I will not stop dreaming BIG! My...

I Don't Do "Normal"

When I look around me, I see people doing things as they are taught to do such as following the traditions of life (school, working,...

The Petals in the Water

Taking a walk is therapeutic and refreshing for me. One day, I was walking in a huge park in Florida and came across this lovely pond. As...

Life, the BIG Picture!

When looking at your life, what pieces are you putting together to create the BIG picture? Every decision that is made creates a piece of...

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