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The art of being organized....great tips

Updated: May 12, 2020

Keeping your busy life organized especially when you have multiple projects going on at once related to work, school, or just LIFE can be a hassle! I am a champion of being organized. It keeps me from being agitated when I am trying to keep on top of things. Check out some great tips for being organized with projects. These tips can be applied for daily or weekly goals.

  • Get your list in order - write everything down on a piece of paper, notepad, sticky note...whatever you use to write things down.

  • Add Due Dates - it helps to visualize your list of things to get done. Add dates on when you need to complete each item. Do not skip items...make sure to write an actual due date even if you have to guesstimate.

  • Re-organize your list - I know this is tedious but make sure you re-organize your list to reflect earliest due dates first then the rest follow or if you do not like repeat writing, write little numbers reflecting which one is due 1st by due date.

  • Add to your calendar - Use your electronic device or old-school calendar and add these items by date order then by priority order. For example, if 3 things are due the same day then prioritize each of those into categories of ASAP, Within 2 hours, or Wiggle-Room. By classifying these items, it will help you visualize your priorities and get your tasks accomplished.

Start your day or week doing these things because life has many distractions but at least you will be organized and ready to take action. Being organized adds more time back to your 24-hour day because you spend less time stressing over all the things that you need to do.

Paula Orezi

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