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Working From Home

Updated: May 24, 2022

Simple tips on how to manage work-life balance in the new normal!

I know firsthand what it is like to work from home! I had 3 roles in my career that allowed me that wonderful privilege. At first, it was overwhelming to know that I had to mentally work in my comfort zone called HOME! Here are some simple tips that I do to make myself feel like I am at work even though I am at home are the following:

1) Come Dressed Virtually - Prepare yourself to be seen virtually in case you get impromptu virtual meetings with co-workers or clients.

2) Create an office space area and stick to it! Make sure good lighting.

3) Organize each week with daily tasks breakdown (using google calendar or planner) so that you can stay focused and use time wisely.

4) Pencil in a mid-morning 30-minute break, lunch, and a mid-afternoon 30-minute break. Separate yourself from that office space completely for those assigned breaks!

5) Use those breaks for personal time (phone calls, texts, personal home errands).

6) End work on time and shut everything down (ex. laptop sealed).

The goal of all this is to stick to a scheduled  plan and be ready to be flexible. If you sacrifice any personal times then make it up to yourself in the week! These small tips can help you give yourself time to be YOU and stay sane each day while working in your comfort zone.

Happy work life balance!

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